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In Memory of Glenna Beakley Norris

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Glenna Beakley Norris (GG to her grandkids and all the wonderful people that were part of her Club here for many years). Glenna battled very hard for two years against ovarian cancer, but lost her battle on August 11, 2013. Glenna poured hours of love and dedication to perfection into each design you find here on the site, and for that reason it will remain open for new customers and old alike to continue to purchase and enjoy the talent she had for making quality designs for home embroidery machines.

In honor of Glenna and her years devoted to education, a foundation has been set up in her honor. Beginning the first of 2014, a portion of each sale will be used for the foundation. To find out more about the Glenna L. Beakley-Norris Foundation for the Life Sciences, you can visit www.glennanorrisfoundation.com

GNR Baby Boy Sock Monkeys Featured in Quilting & Embroidery Magazine

Quilting & Embroidery magazine has featured a set of our designs, the Baby Boy Sock Monkeys, in one of their articles on quilting with machine embroidery. The magazine contacted us several months back to request the use of the Baby Boys and we were excited to help and see what kind of creation they would come up with.

We've included a picture of the magazine cover below if you would like to look for a copy, as well as the opening page of the four page article that takes you step by step through the creation of the quilt. It would be a great resource for those that are new to quilting with their embroidery machines, and any of our sock monkey sets found at the Sock Monkey Central link could be adapted to the plan.

As always, our designs are one price, even if you want all hoop sizes available.

Glenna Beakley Norris
(Grandma Glenna) Norris


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Your friends and family will love gifts made from these beautiful designs. You can design and give ear rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Mix and match the designs as you wish.

Add a special touch to these designs by rubbing glitter powder on the them while they are wet after having the Vilene stabilizer removed. It gives you the effect of the metallic threads without the trouble they can sometimes be to work with.

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